Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bday Party and Misc

We went to a birthday party today at our favorite place - The Discovery Center!
Sweet Brynn turned 4, but I didn't get any pictures of the birthday gal.

But I did get a shot of this sweet little guy Ethan that is 18 months.
He became my best buddy after I let him see the picture that I took.
Then of course, Abby had to get in on the action.
Both of them cheesing for the shot (Abby with food in her mouth).
Then it was on to animal time. Abby sat so well on her little mat.
They brought animals out and let the kids pet them.
Yes, that is a giant snake. A ball python I think.
I wasn't fast enough to take a picture, but Abby totally petted it. Crazy!
I was much less nervous about the pet rabbit. That I can handle.
Then Abby and Caden went upstairs to play around.
This is the best shot I could get of the two of them.
Abby absolutely loves to have her fingernails painted.
One night, I broke down and let her do them herself. It wasn't too bad, but needless to say, she will only do them herself from now on.
And she concentrates so hard.
My little wild child becomes a dainty little princess who must have her nails done right!
And the big news.........
Check out my new car!!!!!!
I have been debating about trading in since I drive a gas guzzling SUV, and I really wanted something that got better gas mileage.
So we decided to "just look" today. But I found an awesome 2009 Accord that I fell in love with. It is mystic green (can't tell from the pics) black leather interior, sunroof, and best of all....a navigation system! After 4 hours at the dealer, I drove away happy as can be.
And Abby even said, "I like your new car, Momma, it is pretty."
Hope she is still singing that same tune when I enforce the no food or drink rule.


Jules said...

You deserve this so much Ann and the car is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love you guys!!

SueB said...

Beautiful car, it in good health!!

So cute how Abby paints her own grown up!