Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nashville - Proud to be Back

I read the greatest article today from a local journalist. Click here to read it. It made me especially proud to be part of this community (again).
It is so disappointing to read every one's comments about how this disaster has not gotten the media coverage it deserves. We lost big things - Grand Ole Opry, Wildhorse Saloon, Second Avenue, just to name a few. There have even been talks about the CMA fest being cancelled (Fan Fair to the locals).
But, the part that lifts my heart is that we don't NEED this coverage. I have heard so many great stories about neighbors coming together to help each other out. We are truly showing our Southern Spirit!
Go here to see volunteers needed.
Oh wait - did share this picture -
Kenny Chesney stuck in the water. I guess it takes a celeb to open their eyes to what is going on. When I clicked on this picture, it brings up the comments. One person wrote "ZZZZZZ". Excuse me?? I am too irate to write my own comment.
Pictures of Abby playing with her stroller.

She just wanted to put the clasp back together, but could not figure it out.


This is what Stuart found today:

She loves toilet paper!

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