Monday, May 3, 2010

Camera Woes

Who would have thought that getting a new camera would have been so much trouble?
Last night, after the battery charged, I set everything up on the camera. But I kept getting a "memory card error". So I took it back to Target today. Poor Frank the Target guy, just made it worse. He actually got it to the point where the lens would not go back in. They declared it "defective". I got a new one and so far, it has worked fine.
Check out this pink beauty:
This was taken with my cell phone of course.
But now, I have the pictures on the computer that I took today. I just cannot get them on to Blogger. It is too late to mess with it. I will try and figure it out tomorrow!
But I did take this picture today:

First, she is not sleeping. She is refusing to have her picture taken. Pretty sure that I gave my stubbornness to my daughter!

Second, please note her shoulder. She has figured out how to worm one arm out of the straps. She did this on the trip home to TN and has not stopped since. We need to lower the straps, I know. Just another thing on the long list!


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Anonymous said...

You picked a great time to move back, lol. We are good but so many people have been left with nothing. I have never been so grateful for everything we have.