Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to the Grind

I am headed back to work tomorrow after a week off. It does not even feel like it has been a week - I have been way too busy.
But the camera is on and working - I love it!
Please check out my sweet Ali.
She has very thin hair on her sides, I think that it has fallen out! We are going to give it a few weeks, but might have to take her to the vet.
Here are a few pictures of the new apartment.
View from the living room into the dining room/kitchen.

Our living room. Yes, it is messy as all heck. But I cannot keep it clean with Abby pulling everything out ALL the time.

Loving Abby's new bathroom. I got this shower curtain on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond. And found this picture frame in a box that was boxed up for 6 months - it goes perfect. Just need a picture for it!
I will try and get pictures of the rest of the apartment soon, we are still hanging pictures.

When I was working on the bathroom, Abby found this thermometer. I am not kidding that she played with this thing for over 30 minutes.

I get so upset because Abby hates bows. Hates them. I shudder to think of the amount of money that I have spent on bows that are unused.
But tonight, we pulled them all out!

Abby let me put ALL of them in her hair.

Of course, then she took them all out and wanted Mommy to put them in her hair.

So, we took turns playing dress up. She put them on, then me, then her, then me.

Of course, then she wanted Daddy to play that game. Sorry, baby, Daddy has no hair!
Please see Ali in the corner of this picture. They are still getting along, but if one is in my lap, the other is totally jealous. Abby "beat" Ali today to get her out of my lap. Poor Ali.
I had to drive about 100 miles total today for various reasons. All that I listened to was a radio-a-thon about the flooding. Please, please, please if you can, donate money or time. I went to this site today, hon.org, and entered my information to become a volunteer. Obviously, I know that things are bad, but it is going to be weeks or months before Nashville is back to "normal".
Closed on the house today!! Finally done with that CRAP. We are totally gun-shy about buying again!

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gammy said...

I like your apartment is cute love Abby's shower curtain. The bow idea is great. thats one way to have her wear them for awhile. cute.