Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TN Resident

It is official! I am a bona-fide TN Resident!
Let me just say that the Driver's License place is one of my top five least favorite places to be. The lines are long, the people that work there are rude, and the other customers are just stupid.
After they called my number, I went up to the counter and handed them my paperwork (everything short of a stool sample). Then he told me to sit back down and wait on my name to be called for my picture to be taken. I brought a book and was reading it. Then I noticed that they called a number or two after mine to get their picture taken. CRAP - I was supposed to go get my picture taken when they called my number, not my name.
I walk up to the 115 year old woman working the counter and sheepishly explain that I did not realize they were calling numbers again for the picture. She was super nice and let me go next. But the guy in front of me thought this was the funniest thing that had ever happened. He was laughing so hard at me, it took at least 5 minutes for him to get his picture taken. I am pretty sure that he was on drugs. It was not that funny.
I came home to a destroyed house today. Destroyed. When I asked Stu about it, he said, "Hey, it kept her quiet".
Check out that hair. And the strawberry stains. Nice.
I have a hair appointment this weekend (yea!) and I think I am going to find out if she will cut Abby's hair. It is one of my best friend's mom cutting my hair, so I trust her. Pretty sure I will bawl my eyes out though.

Pictures of the disaster. I had just filled her diaper box with diapers. Apparently that was too fun to just let them sit where they belong.

My friend Mel just built a new house. It is gorgeous! I will get pictures of it next time I go over there. It is only have 25 minutes away, so I am sure that we will be over there alot. I didn't get a picture of all the kiddos playing, but I did get this little stinker! He is 9 months old (7 months younger than Abby). We know that they will be bestest friends.


I signed up for the Murfreesboro Half Marathon in October. Jessica sent me a training schedule to start training for it now. The first day was today, pretty sure I am watching The Hills (loving this Central time zone) and drinking a glass of wine. Sigh.

When I do start training, I am going to post my progress at the end of each blog. Keep me accountable! My goal is 13.1 miles in less than 4 hours. That sounds fair to me - this is my first (half) marathon. Might help with the 15 pound weight loss I need as well!


Wiz said...

That is awesome about the half. I did not realize Mboro had one. Good luck!

Here is a link for the farmer's market. After looking at it, I cant believe we have never been!


Katie said...

Ann I will train with you ...I need to lose some (well a lot) of weight before the big day in Oct. Let me know what you plan is!

Was so good seeing you and Miss Abby yesterday at Mel's glad ya'll are back!