Monday, May 17, 2010

Got a Case of the Mondays

I am exhausted. I hate Mondays with a passion. And to top it all of this rainy city that I moved to decided to open the skies at 4:45 PM. Of course, being that no one knows how to drive in the rain (myself included), there were wrecks and delays before I even got on the interstate.


Stuart took this picture today. Abby loves nothing more than taking walks. When we even say the w-word, she immediately goes to get Ali's leash. Girl is ready!

Please note these new pj's. They are size 18 months and poor girl can't keep them up. I have to roll them up twice just so they don't drag the ground. I am going to have to start taking her in the dressing room to see what actually fits.

When I got home, Abby insisted on messing with her place mat.

I guess since we haven't been out to eat in awhile, she is missing it.

Stu said she has been "bad" all day, just whining and nothing making her happy. I think she doesn't feel good, but he swears she wasn't coughing or anything today. I was finally able to make her happy with my wallet - her favorite toy.

It is very funny to watch her with this. She "organizes" all of the contents. We have no clue how she organizes it, but she will pick up one card, put it in the stack, then decide that card doesn't belong. So, she will pick up another one that works. And it is quite a tiring process. But, hey it keeps her busy.

We had quite an interesting walk today - once the sun came out after the thunderstorms.

First, Ali is really odd about using the bathroom on the leash. She will go Number One, but not Two. So, I have to take her to the dog park, let her off, scrutinize her to make sure she goes (she is very sneaky and doesn't like to be watched). Then tiptoe through everything to try and find her poo. I really hate cleaning up poo. But I feel that I will be judged by all of the other dog owners if I just let it ride.

Second, we met our third ferocious dog today. Does my dog just scream, "Eat me?"

Look at her, she wouldn't hurt a fly.
Third, speaking of not hurting a fly, we encountered some "gang wars" today on our walk. There were four little black girls and two white girls screaming at each other on the playground. They could not have been over 11 years old. Then all of a sudden the four black girls yell "Break" and bum rush my dog. Ali - being the most scared dog ever, just tucked her tail between her legs and played dead. They proceeded to pet her all over and told me that she looked like a rug (???). Then they turned around and saw that the white girls had ran away. So, they all took off running looking for them. I think Ali is still shaking two hours later. Abby, of course, waved and told them "Buh-Bye".
Last, I must look like an old lady. I saw another group of kids (seriously, where are the parents, this was all at 7 PM) into mischief. A boy about 8 was standing on the outside of his 2nd floor patio while about 3 kids below were videoing him about to jump into the bushes. Of course, I stop and watch. All I can think is that I really hate the sight of blood but there should probably be an adult around. But they see me watching and "whisper" that they will wait until I leave. I take my time walking by, constantly turning around to just let those young'uns know I am watching them. I should have circled back, but see second point above about where we tried to get eaten by yet another dog.
Smyrna livin' - Never a dull moment!


Jess said...

I bet I know each and every one of those kids! But, if they are older than 7 I really don't get to see them. I might have to hang out and do some neighborhood watch this summer and keep them all on the straight and narrow. HA!

gammy said...

what a day you had. I wish your walks were a little better. just as i got home from work, turned my car off, got out and a down pour. I couldn't believe it.I hope that kid never jumped. Abby is such a doll. I love your blogs.