Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MIssing Toys

I decided to clean out Abby's Toy Box tonight. Wow, that was a mess, I really forgot about half of the toys that she even had. But I did find some interesting things that were....missing....
These are puzzle pieces, but no board to put them on.

The stern of a tug boat, but no tug boat.

Mrs. Potato Head, but missing an arm.

And this toy with only one ring left.
So, do I throw the (half) toys out or keep them?


What we did find....was Abby's Pearls. She was so excited (thanks, Justine) and wore them the rest of the night, when they were not in her mouth.

I was also able to get all of her Lego's together.

We had fondue tonight which is dangerous (flying grease), so I was grateful that she had something to distract her.

When she first got the Lego's she could barely take them apart. But tonight she was putting them together and taking them apart. Smart girl!
I was all pumped to start my workout tonight. When I got home from work, I put on my workout clothes and was ready to go. After Abby went to bed at 7:30, I proudly walked to the gym (yes, walked....I did consider driving the quarter mile). I get up there with my bottle water and book.
Bam! A notice on the door says the room is closed from 5 PM to 9 AM for carpet cleaning. Seriously, is this my luck?
But I will say that between that walk and taking the girls for a walk earlier, I probably walked about a mile and a half total, it is a start!
Check out this video of the floods . We didn't have TV for a few days and I have not see this. I am appalled this does not have more media coverage. Wait, that is because the Volunteer State pulls together and helps their neighbors. We don't ask for handouts.

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Justine said...

Any time any time!!! =) I can not believe the head of hair on that little girl!!! And we all thought she was going to be bold!!

ps Are you REALLY going to cut her hair?? I looks soo cute!