Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Weekend Thus Far

Friday night, I decided to get caught up on my paper reading. Abby had other ideas. She jumped on them, threw them in the air, and just made a mess. Needless to say, she was covered in black ink after that.
I recently became a subscriber to the DNJ and let me just say...I love it. I am not much of a news watcher - so with this I get to read what I want.

Then, Abby decided to roll around on the floor for a bit.

Look at that pose! And those long graceful legs!

After that we played, "What is that in my shirt"?
I stuffed all of her bath letters down her shirt. She kept busy for about 15 minutes pulling them all out.

There were about 20 of them, so it took some time.

I got this Hello Kitty bag at a yard sale. It was 50 cents, but I only had a dollar and the lady had no change. So, she just gave it to me. Abby carries it everywhere.
Saturday, I had a haircut and brow wax. I called my dad to watch her (Loving being near the parents). He is absolutely great with her, but I did worry about his sanity. She can be overwhelming. And he has not changed a diaper in 23 years. I took her over there about 11, her normal nap time. When I called at 12:30, he informed that me had successfully changed a giant poopy diaper. Although he wasn't sure her new one was on right (turns out it was). I ran a few more errands and came back to a wild child that was falling over from no nap. They must have had way too much fun!

Saturday night, Abby and I are just hanging out. Stu is off playing softball and I am enjoying a quiet night.
Abby has the links that we bought her a year ago. She loves to put all of them on her arm. I tried to get a picture of her with the "bracelets", the Hello Kitty bag and her winter hat, but she took them off before I could find the camera.
I am thinking for her 2nd birthday...we are doing a dress-up party.

I am trying to finish a great book, The Help, so I was reading while Abby was playing. I look up and she is sitting in her bin. Silly gal.

For some reason, Abby grows out of her pajamas too fast for us to keep up - she still wears 12 month clothes for everything but pj's. We were down to 4 pairs, which means we are doing laundry every three days. I finally went to Carter's today and got two more. Check out these cute pj's with flip flops on them - very summer-y!
I have never claimed to be an animal lover. I grew up with one animal at a time, most lately dogs. I love my little, fat Ali to death. She is just the sweetest thing in the world. I never worry that she will snip or bite Abby. I still don't leave them in rooms unsupervised together though.
That being said, we have lived in this apartment two weeks. Twice now, we have come across two dogs that have tried to attack Ali. The first time, a little boy that lives above us was walking the most ferocious dog I have ever seen (no idea what kind it was). It took his entire weight to pull that dog back and Ali and I still had to hide behind a car until he could get back upstairs.
Then when I was walking both the girls today, a large black dog (looked like a lab), almost knocked her owner down to get to us. Once, he even got away from the owner. I would have hated to have to snap that dog's neck.
The point of this is, why do people have mean dogs? Don't tell me "But they are only mean to people they don't know". Why would you want an unfriendly dog? And especially that poor boy that had to deal with that mean dog. If I had a mean dog, I would constantly worry that it would bite not only my child, but any other person.
Just my rant for the night - I'm hopped up on cold medicine and can only breathe through one nostril. Love it!
One more random - Jess's birthday is tomorrow. My brother called to see if we could go eat with them tonight. I was like, "Well we didn't plan on anyone watching Abby."
His response, "Can't you just get away for a little bit."
Yes, we will just leave her sleeping, lock the door and drive 30 minutes away for a minute. I am sure she would have been fine. Thank God Jessica is smart.

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gammy said...

I thought you were going tp get Abby's hair trimmed up too? did I read that wrong? Or did you just need an Ann day? I need those too, just don't seem to get them. I need a hair trim and dye bad. Anyway, We enjoyed playing with Abby for a while on Friday. The boys just love her and Chris screams out her name everytime I show him her picture. Happy birthday to Jess.