Sunday, May 30, 2010

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Whew! I really do feel like this is the first time I have sat down in a week. Abby has gone to a no nap schedule (I don't understand how I didn't get a vote in this!). We have also been enjoying time with friends and family. But I have missed my blogging!
This picture has no story, but check out her beautiful hair!

Also love those chunky legs!
Friday, Abby hung out with her Gammy and Grandad and cousins (cell phone pictures).

Future Model? I think so.

Abby, Evan and Chris. One confused, one happy as can be, and one very upset.

Gammy is a trooper!

Riding on a horse. I believe this might be the first pink thing in Gammy's house!

But she is loving it!


Friday night we hung out at my parents with my aunt and uncle.

As you can tell....there was a little bit of alcohol consumed.


I love to use this blog to write down stories. Years from now, I can go back and laugh at/remember them.

Saturday morning, I was installing the car seat in my car at my parents house. Apparently my dad was not aware of how this was done. We have bars built into the seat of the car that hook to the car seat. This poor man then spent 15 minutes looking in his 2-seater Mercedes for the same hooks. I could not explain that there was no way that Abby would ever be allowed to ride in that car until she is about 12. He is convinced in an emergency, it will be ok.


Abby was "wowed" by the disappearing roof.

But that little gal had to have a drive.

She especially liked pushing the radio buttons. Even did a little dancing for us.

I think Stu and I are in trouble with her expensive tastes!


This morning, Abby was extremely quiet. I went to check on her and she had gotten all of her bath toys out from under the sink and was playing with them. I went back to reading my magazine. A few minutes later, I heard a Thump. Waited for crying, but there was none. Just a little noise of her playing. A few minutes later, I went to check on her again.

Found this.....

That little monkey had crawled in the tub!

She was just sitting in there playing. Obviously, I now have to keep the bathroom door shut.


Abby loves to take walks. She will bring me Ali's leash. If I don't immediately put it on Ali, Abby takes it upon herself to try. This was the best shot I could get - Ali licking Abby in gratitude.


She also got in the pantry today.

Ali looking on "Girl, you are in trouble!"


I do want to write about what a perfect child she is.

  • Jess and I took her to the pool on Saturday (forgot the camera, of course). She pretty much kept herself busy while we laid out (yes, I am burnt). If she walked within 3 feet of the pool one of us would say "No" and she would go on to something else. She listens very well.
  • She has taught herself how to snap into the high chair (at my parents, we still don't have a chair). Dad said it took her about 30 minutes, but she figured it out!

  • Abby now knows her name. Well, she knows how to say "Abby", pretty sure she learned that from her cousin Chris. Her favorite thing to do is whisper it.

  • We forgot her pacy Friday night, so she went down without it. The end of the pacy is in sight!

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Wiz said...

She is so precious! I can't believe that you were able to lay out! I cant lay out for a minute before Colt has taken off. That boy will not stay still! They group up too fast.