Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot Weekend

What a HOT weekend. I think it was a minimum of 150 degrees both days. And it is only May!

Saturday morning, we read the paper while we waited for Daddy to get up.

Abby also went through all of my, uh, personal items.

Then we went to lunch at Steak and Shake!

We spent the afternoon at the Discovery Center. Last time I took Abby she was not walking, so this time was much more fun. I also want to point out that they have a summer pass for $40 - good for two adults and all children of the household. The normal cost is $6 per person and free for ages under 2. But if you have an older child or multiple children, this is definitely a good deal.

She loved the obstacle course, so fast I could not get pictures!

Abby and Daddy on the old timey car. Isn't this such a good picture of them staring at each other? Daddy will be the one teaching her how to drive!

Playing with cars.

We were very lucky that it was not crowded, so Abby had free rein of the place.

Driving the train.

Such a busy little gal.

Afterwards, we walked around the wetlands.

They have a small playground (that is free - so you don't have to go in the center). It is a great playground for her as they have a small slide and tunnels. And we were the only ones there. Only lasted about 15 minutes though before we were all sweating. Too hot to be outside!

She did not make it home though, passed out in the car! Check out those rosy cheeks!
Saturday night, Amanda threw us a "Welcome Home" party. I only got one picture, but we had a blast! Abby was there until about 7, then my parents came and got her. Great to have sitters!
This was supposed to be a "Girls" picture, but the boys made it in the background.
I will also point out that I was accused of "posing", but I think it made my arms look smaller - anything that I can do!
I must have some super sweet blood, as no matter how much bug spray I put on - I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. Then I wake up this morning and have a TICK on my side. I screamed and made Stu remove it with a match and tweezers. I haven't had a tick since I was like 9 in summer camp!
Remember that water baby I used to have? She is gone.
But isn't she adorable in her bathing suit?

Look at those legs!

Not even remotely happy to be in the pool that my dad went and got this morning.

She is so mad at me!
I was going to write about how 10 seconds after this picture, she lost her balance and fell backwards. Her head went completely under water, I jumped in the pool (with the camera in hand) and pulled her out. Scared me to death!!!!
Then I realized as I was uploading pictures, I had this "action shot":

Makes me laugh every time I look at it. I must have taken it as I was jumping in the pool.
Poor baby!


Jules said...

How can she love baths and hate the pool?! I am concerned that maybe we did this to her at the lake last year ;-) She couldn't possibly remember could she?

Warf pary of 3 said...

we love the Discovery Museum. im sure we will go a lot this summer espically on those hot summer days. a great thing to do inside, fun and educational as well. that is a good deal on the pass. have you heard of the splash pad here in smyrna? its an above ground mini water park for kids to play in. and its FREE! we are going today before schools are out this week. i ordered the water table at walmart for $28.50 and had it shipped to store. trying to find things for us to do this summer. splash pad, zoo, discovery museum etc..

Wiz said...

How scary! I am paranoid about Colt falling into the pool! He would have nothing to do with the pool Saturday. Maybe he will get used to the idea soon. Hopefully before we head to the beach!

Katie said...

Ann I have like 50 gazillion mosquito bites from Sat night......the backs of my legs look terrible!!!!!!

gammy said...

looks like she had a great time at the discovery center. Chris was the same way the other day in the hot tub. he had floaties and a tube on. I want to get just a small little blow up pool to put on the deck. anyway, she'll like it sooner then later just don't give up