Monday, May 31, 2010

Swinging with Nana

For Memorial Day, Abby and I drove to Chattanooga to visit my grandmother and aunts. I was not very good about taking pictures. Abby was crabby and refused to relax or lay down and take a nap. Since she was in a new place, she also only wanted her momma.

Here is my momma (Nana) and Abby swinging in the back yard. This was the only thing that Abby wanted to do. And of course there were no trees around, so it was about 100 degrees.


I took Abby and Ali for a walk earlier. I know that I have mentioned that Ali has hair issues. It has fallen out on both sides and there are large black lines. She went to the vet, it is a common thing, she is fine.

Well, on our walk, we walked by two couples getting in their car. I was about 10 feet from them, when I hear one girl start laughing about that funny looking dog with the stripes on it. Let me just tell you, if they had talked about my baby, that girl's face would have been shoved in the pavement. As it is, don't talk about my fur-baby. I didn't comment on the extra roll of stomach hanging out the top of your jeans - don't comment on my dog.


I always read about kids Abby's age and younger hugging. Abby is not a hugger. She will put her arms around me, but it is not what I would consider a hug. More of "hold me". I was sitting on the floor tonight doing a stretch video and she just walked right up to me and HUGGED me. Put her little arms around my neck and squeezed. I am pretty sure a tear rolled down my cheek. Then she did it three more times, I almost lost it. She is my favorite person in the world.

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gammy said...

That was a great comment on the roll of fat hanging over the stomache awesome. make sure she hugs and kisses it is so important