Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Abby and I had the pleasure of attending Ms. Bella's Preschool Graduation tonight.
Let me just say that Michelle did very well, no tears that I saw. I hope that I am that brave.
Sweet Ms. Bella walking off the stage after getting her diploma.

Singing songs, she is in the pink dress. Tallest gal in her class!

Let me brag on my own baby for a minute. She was SO amazing. She sat quietly munching on animal crackers the whole time. She clapped when everyone clapped. She danced during the music. I was so proud!

The graduate and her momma. Tell me that is not the cutest thing, her in the graduation gown!

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Wiz said...

I saw pictures of all the kids in Colt's daycare in their little caps and gowns and felt my chest tighten up. Time is going by way too fast!