Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drama in the Tub

Abby has always been such a good bath baby. But ever since we moved to this apartment, her favorite thing to do is take a walk. If we even say the w-word, she is ready with her jacket and shoes.
So, if she even thinks that we are going for a walk without her, she FREAKS out. Stu was putting her laundry away while I was running her bath. I guess she thought he was getting her jacket ready.

Poor gal was traumatized! I could not get her to calm down, it was a quick bath.

After, still upset (rubbing the eyes) I got her shoes and jacket out.

She cried until I actually put her in the stroller. What a drama queen!


Today's adventure in walking....(beside the fact that Ali pooed 3(!) times).

I saw a woman driving around with her 7 year old sitting on the window sill of the passenger side. He had his arms on the roof of the car. Granted, the speed limit is 12, but still. These walks are the highlight of my day!


Do kids wake up earlier as they get older? Just as I got out of the shower this morning at 5:45, I heard Abby up. She usually gets up at 7:30! Way too early!

Most bloggers also read Kelly's Korner. I am also a fan of Melissa Stafford (one of her friends) who had her baby a few days ago. For some reason, her blog went private right after she had the baby. I was shocked - I have been reading this blog for months.

Turns out that some psycho made a false email/Twitter account with her hour-old baby's name and started posting all of the pictures of the baby. Then this person started writing mean things about this new baby and sending emails criticizing Kelly's baby as well.

Is this not disgraceful? Who has the time/energy to make accounts and send negative emails?

I am just appalled - I know that I only have a few readers (love ya!), so I don't know what it is like to be "stalked". I am sure it is terrifying and scary and I hope you keep these sweet girls in your prayers.

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Wiz said...

A couple things:

Colt has been having major tantrums in the tub recently. He will try and get out of the tub and if we put him back in, he flips out!

We have a neighbor who lets their five year old hang out their sunroof all the time lovely.

I heard about the stalker thing too. That is scary and I know I was super paranoid after Colt was born about someone stealing him! So I can only imagine what it is like to have someone making threats. Disgusting!