Friday, May 7, 2010

16 Months Old

Abby - You are 16 months old!!!
Two words to describe you - Drama Queen

  • Other words would be - sweet, spunky, busy, determined, dog-lover, smart, moody and beautiful
  • I would estimate you to weigh about 22-23 pounds
  • Eats food like you are on your first meal, we have no idea where you put it
  • Still using your Bumbo at dinner, but have to pry your chunky thighs out of it to get you out

  • You love to organize things, although there is no rhyme/reason for your organization
  • Loves baths still, but you have started to stand up in the tub, giving Mommy a heart attack
  • Only takes a pacy at nap time or bed time, you know to ask for it!
  • Discovered the toilet. Your Daddy and I find random things in the toilet now (last night - a clean diaper)
  • So, so, so happy to be with your grandparents. Pretty sure we have full time babysitters if needed!
  • Favorite foods: Peas, tomatoes, grapes, cheese, bread and Oreos
  • Hate: bananas

  • Although this is technically my 2nd Mother's Day, I feel like a real mom for this one. You love me (and your Da-Dee of course) more than we could imagine. You squeal with laughter when you see us.
  • Just started "running". We thought walking was bad....
  • Learning animal sounds, Ruff-ruff, Meow, Neigh, Cock-A-Doodle-Do, Moo
  • Says "Ne-Ne" the most though. We aren't very sure what it means, but you say it for everything.
  • Hate getting your teeth brushed or finger nails clipped. So much that Daddy refuses to do it as it makes you so mad.

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