Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Going On!

I have really missed writing on the ole blog lately!

But I have had a ton of other things going is a glimpse!

Tuesday night, this sweet little baby joined the world. Yep, Amanda had baby Spencer!!

I was lucky enough to be up at the hospital and got to hold him soon after he was born.

I went again tonight and he is just as sweet as I remember him!!!

I could honestly write an entire book about him, but I am sure he will be featured in the blog many times over!


I have really been working on making a book out of my first year of blogging.

I have been going back through all my posts and cleaning them up.

I am hoping to order it this weekend and will definitely share pictures.


I went to my first Zumba class (in about 2 years) Monday night. I danced like a white girl, but will be headed back soon!


The dreaded day is Saturday.

I am really not looking forward to turning the big 3-0!

But I did get these two sweet birthday pictures from Abby and Christopher.

And then this one! Love it!!!!


I can't remember if I have posted about our fridge issues. That darn thing has conked out twice and we have repaired it twice. The last time, he said if that didn't fix it - nothing would.

Well, it went out again this past weekend.

We have all of our food in a college dorm fridge and luckily I work at a place that sells appliances.

I found one at a fantastic deal and it will be here on Tuesday. Thank goodness!


I have the day off work tomorrow. I am so excited to spend the entire day with Ms. Abs!!

We are getting an oil change, going by her day care to turn in some paper work, helping Randy install the car seat, library and some light shopping for school clothes.

Although I did just find out that Stu is meeting friends after work and won't be home until late.

It will be a looong day!!!


Hope that was a good enough re-cap of my blogging slacking!

Since this is my "baby book" I really need to stay on it!!


gammydi said...

great things are happening. Spencer is a cutie. Glad you like the Happy Birthday cards. We did make them fast. It was hard to get them to sit still, all they wanted to do is run and play. they get along so great. I love watching them play. wow can't wait to see this book.

Wiz said...

Spencer has a great birthday!! And 30 to you as well!