Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4: Tell Us About Your Family

This is my family. I love each and every one person!

Me, my angel Abby and my hubs Stu.

They are definitely my core family and I will "mama-bear" for any of them any day of the week. I will post more about them on Day 10 (they are both my "special someone").

This is my family that I grew up with. My awesome daddy, my handsome bro, my sweet mama, and me.

We recently added this gorgeous lady to our family as well. My bro's wife, Jess!

Stuart's GIANT family. His two bro's and their girlfriends, parents, grandma, aunt and two nephews. Abby was over in the corner hiding - so dramatic!

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gammy said...

you have a wonderful family. Your mom and dad are awesome. I just love them. we will have to get together all of us as one big family. Love the pictures.