Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 11: Fears

Day 11: Something That You're Afraid Of

The first thing that I thought of was Horror Movies.

I saw this movie in 2003. I will never forget waking that night and seeing the child in the movie in my closet. I screamed bloody murder and haven't watched a horror movie since.

I have never seen a Freddy movie, Saw movies, or anything that even hints at horror.

I am also not a fan of snakes, although I have had my fair share of encounters. (here and here)

A random fear is ladders. I refuse to go up the ladder to the attic and make my poor husband drag anything I need up and down the ladder. And for the painting last weekend, I shook like a leaf and make Stu hold it with both hands (He offered to do the painting, but I wanted to).

Ha! I really could go on and on (dogs, bugs, noises in the night), but those are my main ones!


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Katie said...

I refuse to see scary movies!

gammydi said...

I did not know you had those fears of ladder etc.. snakes yes and bugs