Monday, September 19, 2011

Little TattleTale

As soon as we got home tonight (and every other night), I put Abby in her panties. I am hoping that it will at least get her thinking about using the potty. I have an entire other post related to that and the "accidents" that go along with.

I had to finish some laundry, so I threw it on our bed. Our bed is extremely tall so Abby has to get help to get in it.

She said; "Mommy, Help me get in the bed."

I told her, "Only people that use the potty can get in my bed. If you will use the potty, you can get in the bed."

She jutted that little chin out, grabbed the baby monitor on the night stand (which she is convinced is a phone) and said "I'm calling Poppa."

I just stared her down.

She (the whole time staring at me) said, "Poppa, Mommy won't let me get in the bed."

I left the room, burst out laughing and told Stu what she said.

I walked back in the room and she said, "Mommy, Poppa said I could get in the bed."

I swear that girl cracks me up every day. All day long.

And no, she did not get in the bed.


Mommyblogger said...

Ha Ha, too cute! Sounds like your little Miss has poppa wrapped around her finger or so she thinks LOL!

gammydi said...

too funny.. she is a crazy little girl