Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Date Night

Last week, we had the pleasure of watching Abby's friend Casey for a few hours. They currently go to the same sitter so are Best Buds.

It was very entertaining to keep two rowdy kids.

Case in Point:

Casey: "I have crayons at my own house, what else ya got?"

We filled up the water table and it was a hit.

I asked them to smile for the camera. Only one of them paid attention to me of course.

And they really enjoyed laying in the dog bed!

Abby was unwilling to leave the comfort of Ali's bed.

We had a great night with Casey and I know Abby slept like a rock!


Abby loves to say "I Do It" to almost everything.

Her newest is taking her own clothes off.

But she did manage to get out of this hold.

Now.....if she could just learn to use the potty....


We only have a few more weeks until she moves to the day care. I have been on the waiting list almost 2 years (before we even moved back), so I am really excited for her to start.

I am already on the email list and get the monthly and weekly updates for her class.

Every day has a theme or activity. For example, tomorrow the kiddos are learning about the letter "F" and are bringing a flashlight.

Wednesdays are dress up days and Fridays are show and tell. I am so excited!

Oh and they have a potty chart complete with a treasure chest....score!! They send them home too so we can do the same thing here. Let's potty train before Christmas!


Wiz said...

I think that potty training Colt while he was in school reallllly helped. If all the other kids are doing it, they all get excited and cheer for each other!

gammydi said...

looks like great fun. glad she has a friend. just imagine all the new ones she will make. and potty training everyday... She'll do..