Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy's: Hits and Misses


Oh yes, it is that time again! Check out my reviews last year. I don't know if it was because I seem to watch the same shows, but I just didn't recognize as many people this year.

But I did enjoy/hate the ones that I did know.....


Hands Down: My Favorite Dress.

I think the black could have been a tad boring, but she totally rocked it with the red bag and shoes.

I would kill for those curves. Sofia rocks them and is just freaking beautiful in this coral-ish dress.
How cute is she? I think this dress is completely age-appropriate for her. A tad familiar (see above pic), but still cute as a button.

This dress looks a lot better on live TV. It was more of a blueish color and I really liked it.

Heidi: Nuff Said.

But really, if you have read my reviews, you know the gal does no wrong.

Kate Winslet: Love the red dress. Classic and She is just royalty in Hollywood

Another stunning red dress. It may be cliche to love red dresses on red carpets, but I just think it is regal and stunning.

I love Julie Bowen. And for her age, this neckline was daring, but she totally rocked it.



Seriously, what was she thinking? This dress is hideous. She looks like a shiny Christmas ornament.

Way, way, way too much time in the tanning bed. And I think the white dress makes it worse.

I was looking back through my Emmy reviews from last year and I pretty much have the same review this time.

I guess....if you got it, flaunt it????

This was my worse pick of the night. This picture really doesn't even do it justice.

Again with the Christmas ornament look. The top was super shiny with giant gems on the top.

Not flattering at all.


Well there it is.....the Emmy's are just the beginning!!

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