Monday, August 30, 2010

The Emmys: Hit and Miss

Oh the first awards show of the season! The Emmys were last night and the fashion was wonderful! I was glued to the TV from 5 to 10 yesterday.
The color of the night was black/navy blue.
I have said it before, Heidi can do no wrong. Only Heidi could pull off that short of a dress after having 4 kids. And I am loving that necklace!

I think Claire Danes was probably one of the most beautiful women on the carpet last night. She was absolutely glowing. Her dress was stunning, I loved her make-up, and I think her hair style was casual, yet elegant.

Eva glammed up the black. I like the texture on the bottom.

Very elegant and I love the sash on the back.

I am a huge Sopranos fan, so I am a huge Edie Falco fan. I love that this is age appropriate for her.

I was a little shocked to see Kate Gosselin on the red carpet. For her debut at the awards, I thought that she did very well. She almost (almost) looks like a celebrity.

The misses are always more fun. I can pick apart dresses/looks in a heartbeat.

I was on the fence with this one. I like the edge of this dress, but stand up straight! You are killing the entire dress with your slouch.

I like this one as well and think that it is awesome that she was out a few weeks after giving birth. But I really hate that color.

One of my other maybes. I guess she is young (??) so maybe that is the excuse.

The dress is fabulous, but the eyes!! They really freaked me out!

Oh Tina! You really need a new stylist. This looks like something that a geometry class threw together.

Beautiful, beautiful lady. But why is there a line down the middle of her dress? That is just odd.

Is is just me or does she look like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland? Giant head, maybe it was just a bad picture. But my first thought was brush your hair!!! And put on make-up!!!

So wrong on so many levels. The skirt was way too much. The Madonna bra was even more than that. And again with the brushing of the hair.

Similar in color to Amy Poehler's dress. Very drab. I think it looked very prom-ish.

Tell me that is not mesh in the middle. I am pretty sure that it is. And the butt cut with about 10 pounds of product - ugh!

I didn't even have a comment for the dress - I was too overwhelmed with the sight of....the gals! Durn girl, you might be well-endowed, but sometimes understated is better! They are bigger than the gal's head!

Ugly, ugly, ugly. Why the saggy white in the middle? I am confused, is it a white dress/black dress?
But who took the cake?

What the crap is going on at the top of this dress? I think it looks like a sword of armor. I want to touch it, to see if is rock hard. Must be very comfortable.
And I am not a True Blood fan, but I totally think her new hubby is c.r.e.e.p.y. Yes, I know people are all over the age difference and that is not the part that bothers me. He is just very child-molester-ish looking. I'm just saying.
**Disclaimer - I have no fashion sense myself, so take my opinions with a grain of salt.

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Jess said...

I LOVE me some Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood but that dress was "ehh...". The one she wore to the after-party was much better. I think she did it to honor Alexander McQueen? Still yet, leave dresses like that to Lady Gaga!