Monday, August 2, 2010


Stu is a character. I just wanted to share some of the crazier things that he has done lately.
I record the Bachelorette every Monday night and watch it after Abby goes to bed. I love it. Everything about it.
So tonight is the big finale. There is the normal show from 7-9 and then the after the rose at 9. of course, I recorded both.
At 8, Stu starts to play the 7 showing. Something pops up on the screen about deleting a partial show. As I LEAP across the room to grab the remote, Stu hits "delete". Pretty sure my howl was heard throughout the apartment complex. That dork deleted the first half of the show!
I was devastated. But luckily my text buddy, Jess, told me that I didn't miss much.
I bought Stu some Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. The bag is annoying loud. I asked Stu why that was. He said "Because the bag is composition.".
Pretty sure that he meant compostable.
Abby had her 18 month appointment about 3 weeks ago. After I told Stu that she only got half of her shots and she was going back on July 30th for the other half.
Then, about a week after that I mentioned it again.
We had dinner with my family Wednesday night and Stu asked my dad to play golf on Friday. I said AGAIN, Abby has shots on Friday.
Later that night, I mentioned it again. Stu busts out, "When the heck were you going to tell me about that??" We got in a "huge" argument about him not listening to me no matter how many times I tell him.
Thursday night, I said, "Don't forget that Abby has shots in the morning." Stu says, "For heavens sake Ann, I am not retarded.
(Can you guess where this is going?)
I call him at 1 on Friday (Shots were at 8:20 that morning).
Me: How did the shots go?
Stu: Good
Stu: Wait, did you say shots?
Me: Yes.....
Stu: Son of a *****. I completely forgot.
He is rescheduled for Wednesday morning at 9. Please, if you know him and have the time, text/call/email/hire a sky writer/Singing Bear to remind him to take our daughter to get shots.
He also had crab legs for dinner. I didn't get a picture, but Abby thought that was the most interesting thing that she had ever seen.


Katie said...

The dang sun chips bag is CRAZY LOUD!!!!! There is NO sneaking and eating chips with that bag. I went to put some in my lunch for work one morning while Benton and Mad were still sleeping and thought I was going to wake the whole neighborhood up! can remind them for things a million gets on their nerves....but then if you dont remind them it is your fault that they forget....gotta LOVE them!

gammy said...

I will try to remind him about her appt for her shots. and yes sun chips loud and I think the bag is louder. oh yeah, love Abby's artwork also.