Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Staying Strong

Oh Gawd, it is so hard staying strong for the paci wars!
Stu called me irate today because when he picked Abby up from day care, they told him that she had a rash. Apparently, she got it from another boy that was there that was sent home. He wanted to know why we weren't called - they said he had changed his number. Liars, they have my number as well.
He also had to have a talk with them about the inconsistent teacher situation. Every time he drops her off or picks her up, it is a different person. They told him that they were struggling with keeping people, "because people just don't want to work". Don't even get me started on how lame of an excuse that is. And they told us that we can't bring her back if she still has the rash (which she doesn't). You guys are the one that gave it to her!
So anyways, Abby was a little cranky/tired tonight because we had given her Benadryl to help with the rash.

It all starts out innocent enough, pointing towards the paci, saying "Mine? Mine?"

Then the sad puppy dog face.

Moving on to the full blown throwing herself at appliances.

The "Why Do You Hate Me?" stage.

"Oh wait, is that me?"

Then I thought that she was ignoring me - turned out that it was potty time.

The best part of the night was Stu teasing her with the paci. He put it in his mouth backwards and wouldn't let go.

She was distraught - he did eventually give it to her.

The payback for that little game was throwing an entire case of cd's on the floor.

And loving it!


As for day care, I am going to start looking into another place here in Smyrna. We have just had so many little issues with the current one. They are very disorganized and can't give straight answers. The few times that I have picked her up, it is closer to 6. So when I go to her "room" she is not in there and I have to hunt her down in whatever room they have corralled all the leftover kids in. I can't tell you how mad that makes me.


Katie said...

Pic # 3 is craking me up! She is giving you what I call the classic "I hate you for doing this to me" look. So are you still on the waiting list for that Christian School daycare in Smyrna? Cant wait to see everyone this Sat. at the shower...it is hard to get all of us together now a days we are all SOOOO busy!

Anonymous said...

Stop making my baby look so sad!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ann. You make me laugh! :)