Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Apron Fun

So tonight was the first night I actually took pictures of Abby in her apron. But she wears it ALL the time. I am so glad that Julie is into sewing. I am trying to convince her to open a Etsy shop, I would love to give handmade gifts (and we all know that I am not crafty!)

This one is very blurry, but when I tell Abby to "cheese" she crosses her arms for some reason.

And that hair - it was a hot mess tonight. There was something sticky in it. Luckily, it washed out.

She loves this apron. She went around and put all of her bows in it.

Very intense.

Nothing completes an apron like a pair of Mommy's shoes (on the wrong feet).

My "grown up" heading into the bathroom.

Abby's art work from today. It says "Animal Shapes". I asked Abby if she made me pictures of ghosts - she said "No". Smart girl, she knew what they were.

I am so excited about some recent pictures that I had done of Abby. I got them back tonight. I ordered them online to give to the family. As soon as they get them, I will share!


Jules said...

I showed Mike the pictures of her having her Paci "fit" and he said, "who is that? Abby doesn't have that much hair!" She has changed so much since we last saw her! I am glad she is enjoying the apron, I wish I would have made bigger pockets for her so she could fit more/bigger bows in them! ;-)

Jess said...

Ahh!!! I love the apron!! There is a teacher at school who has one and she is constantly telling us how it makes her day easier to carry items in it. I've been jealous of hers for the past year. Let me know if she does open an Etsy shop. You know I'll by one for sure!!