Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forecast = Sunny

Thanks to all the people that left comments on the blog and facebook, emailed or sent texts regarding Abby. I am happy to say that she is 100% better!

I called Stu this morning and he said that she was like a new person. I guess it was just a reaction to the shots.

I really cannot express how freaked out I was last night, she was BURNING up! I don't even remember what I wrote on the blog, I was just so shaken. I was up and down all night checking on her.

But in case you can't tell by the pictures, she is back to her normal, happy self.


Tonight, she discovered something wonderful! Laying on her belly in the bathtub. I wish I had brought my camera in there, I will try tomorrow night. She thinks it is the best.thing.ever to lay on her belly and splash. I do have to say, that she was sitting up and laying down so much, she let out two huge farts! I was crying I was laughing so hard!


Last night, Abby was most comfortable when we were holding her. So, I thought that propping her up on a pillow would help. It didn't, but I left the pillow in her crib.

Look how grown up she is!

(And terrified that I have come back in her room after putting her to sleep)


A few hours later:

Little gal sleeps just like her momma! On the stomach with the pillow pushed out of the way!

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gammy said...

she is just too cute and getting way too big. what a smile. she brightens my day. I love how she sleeps she almost takes up the whole crib! so glad she is feeling better