Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh the Drama of the Paci

This picture pretty much sums up about 30 minutes of our night:
I have been swaying on the paci only at bedtime rule. Well, not tonight. Immediately after the bath, when she did her usually point and whine until I give in, I just said no.

Abby threw herself around the house, whaling and just carrying on.

It was sad. This is her beside the couch where I was sitting. She would scream only when I would look at her.

Throwing herself in the corner.

"Stop taking pictures. My life is ending!"
I know that some may argue that nothing is wrong with the paci and I really don't think it is that bad. It has just turned into such an ordeal. She whines and whines until she gets her way.
I took her for a walk without the paci. She screamed bloody murder the first 10 minutes and tried to weasel out of the stroller. But she survived (as I knew she would, although Momma's nerves were a little shot).

Until this ordeal, the title of this post was going to be "Butt Pictures".
I finally got the money shots of Abby in the tub.

And man, was she cheesing it up.
This all happened before she knew that Momma wasn't going to let her have the paci.

Really looking forward to meeting her boyfriend in 16 years (45 if you ask Stu) and showing him these pictures!


Lindsay said...

Ohhh those crying pics are too funny!! Poor little girl. She'll make it though. Stick to your guns.

Katie said...

Hilarious!!!! I love that you are so REAL with your posts ya know...some people just post as if life is soooo perfect all the time with their kiddos. You show the real life as a IS hard but glad you stuck to it. Hope you poured a glass of wine after that!

The Mauk Family said...

Dear Lord... I remember the no paci days with Ashlynn. Her and Abby seem to of have much of the same reactions. The part about she would only scream if you looked at her... that was Ashlynn. And when I did look at her it was scream bloody murder, drag out the word NO as long as possible and wave her hand at me to stop looking at her. And whatever you do girl... don't let go of that stroller when he starts wiggling to get out. I made that mistake ONCE and the tumbling of a child in a stroller gets 101 more stares than an enraged child. Just so you know. Whew!