Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lazy Nights

I have had a migrane the past two nights/days, so I have been pretty much doing nothing the past two nights. So not too much to report on!
Abby had a high temperature at day care today and was pretty tired tonight as well. About 7:05, she walked in her room and pointed at her bed until I put her in there. She laid right down and I never heard another peep. I just checked on her and she was out cold!!
But I did manage to get this shot during bathtime. She loves her baths (today, it changes daily).

Look at all that hair!

Glad tomorrow is Friday - I love the weekends!

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gammy said...

sorry about the migraines. abby looks adorable in the bathtub. just too cute. can't wait to see her tomorrow chris is so excited and evan will be so surprised when we pick him up.