Sunday, August 1, 2010

What We Have Been Doing

My mom was telling me the other day that my blogging has been slacking since I moved back to TN. I guess we are just busier than ever!
But I will try to keep updated, as I know everyone loves to read about our life ;)
Abby has been obsessed with Ali's food and water bowl lately. She has never shown it interest before, but now wants to mess with it. Not sure what we are going to do about that as we really don't have anywhere else to put it. Hopefully, she will just get over it.
More Artwork from Abby!
Note the birth announcement for Ms Audrey in the corner - too cute (still waiting on that Thank You note, Julie (JK) )

This one is my absolute favorite. I can just picture little miss meticulous putting all of this paper together.


Playing with Momma's hair clips. I put them ALL in her hair. She loved it.


So...Tiffany introduced me to the best thing ever. Sugarbabies consignment! Apparently it is twice a year in Smyrna. It is HUGE consignment sale at a closed grocery store. To say it is big is an understatement.

My being new to this, I did not plan well. Apparently, I was supposed to bring an empty stroller or laundry basket or suitcase. Anything that will hold ridiculous amounts of discounted items.

But, I still held my own. I made my way to the line (about a 45 minute ordeal - in the express lane) kicking toys as I went, with clothes hanging off my purse.

I managed to get a chair with a side table, flash cards, a cookie jar with sorting pieces, a palace dollhouse, a doll stroller (not pictured), maracas, a rain coat, pj's, Christmas dress, and two outfits for $48!!!

Let me just tell you - I will be much better prepared next time. The sale is through the rest of the week, but I havent decided if I am going back. Really alot (and I mean alot) of the stuff was picked over today.

Abby is THRILLED with her new chair. She played with it the whole night.

Hasn't quite figured out to sit in it "properly" but loves it none the less.

We decided to wait on the doll stroller and give that to her for Christmas, along with a few other doll items. But for $2, I couldn't pass it up!
I also haven't cleaned the dollhouse, so that will be a later present as well. For now, she is pretty happy with the chair and singing lamp.


Warf pary of 3 said...

glad you got some great deals. 1/2 price day is saturday if your interested. i didnt even think to tell you to bring a stroller or basket. there is another consignment sale in sept. one of my good friends owns it in smyrna.
i got out with lots of clothes and a few little toys for $78.00. I also consigned clothes, toys and a pack n play so I hope to make money or at least break even. i will email you more info on the sale in sept.

Katie said...

Ann this sale has been around FOREVER...I used to go when Mad was a baby and I also consigned. I recommend consigning next year as you get to go to the sale early before the general publi gets to shop ....well at least that is how they used to do it. I love that sale and you can really get a whole winter or summer wardrobe for close to nothing.

Wiz said...

SO cute! I can't believe how long Abby's hair has gotten!

gammy said...

good job on the consignment store. that is amazing. i love them too. she is just too adorable. i love her hair.