Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abby's Room O' Fun

While I was taking these pictures, I realized how drab Abby's room is! I have not really done much with it except move it in. But I am sharing because I really want some ideas for her "big girl" room.
We will probably move her to a big bed within 6 months, but not change the decor until we buy a house. Then it is on!

A view of the whole room.
This is Abby's closet. A whole lotta pink. Note that her giant stroller is in here. 2 reasons: the only other place that we could put it is in our garage/storage unit and also because she has this obsession with pulling clothes off the hangers. This is our "child gate" to keep her from pulling all of her clothes off the hanger.

The infamous toy chest. I am really happy that it is in her room now.

Her changing table. It is pretty bare as she pulls everything off of it.
I also did not get to pick where the crown was hung. I tried to tell Stu that it was too low when he hung it. Now, when we change Abby, she hits it and thinks it is hilarious.

Our reading center. We have about a million books (courtesy of Jess). Abby's absolute favorite "book" is a photo album of about 30 pictures of her 4 months and younger. We have to "read" this book every night. Maybe I should make a new album because momma is running out of stories with this one.

The humidifier is also a must. But that thing condensates like no one's business. So I have an old dish rag under it to try to keep it from destroying the dresser. I can't put it on the floor, Abby is way too curious for that.

Abby's crib. Not too exciting. But I do love the sleigh bed look.

Abby is sitting on a toy that hold blocks normally. She has discovered that she can sit on it and scoot around the room. She also discovered that jumping off of it causes it to fly across the room. Pretty sure there are bruises and falls coming with that.
Another book that Abby loves is her numbers book. In it, we count ducks, flowers and marbles. We are still working on the marbles, but she loves to say "Qack, Qack" and "Flow-eey" every time we turn the page.
Every night, our dog Ali licks her bed. She works on it for about 20 minutes until she has a significant wet spot going. The first few times, I thought she had peed in it. Nope, just likes to lick it. We have no idea why.
She also will not lay in this bed if even one of her toys is in it. Or if there is a toy, she is as far as humanly (dog-ly?) possible to the point that she is hanging off.
The point of my story is that tonight there were way too many toys in it. So she laid under the coffee table. Eventually Stu and I heard a weird low scratching noise. We look down and this stupid dog is licking the carpet.
I would give millions to know what goes through that dog's head.

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Wiz said...

So cute! I am not sure when we will redo Colt's room but I have no idea what we will do!!