Monday, August 23, 2010

The Real Housewife

Isn't she going to be such a cute little housewife one day?
Not that she has to be a housewife...she can be anything that she wants! (Ignore the alien dog, she wanted in the picture too)

But I can just see her in her apron (thanks again, Julie!) all grown up.

So, we have this neighbor that is about 50-60. She reminds me of that little ole lady in There's Something About Mary - SUPER TAN with neon yellow hair. I am pretty sure that she is at the pool every day.

But the worse part is that she wears an itty bitty purple bikini - with a long ago Mommy gut that you just can't help but stare at. And she walks around barefoot (barefoot! In the parking lot - Ugh!). When she is not in her infamous bathing suit, she is in a daisy dukes with a tiny tank that showcases her beautiful abs. It is quite the scene.

The point of my story is that she is finally moving! She has the most gigantic moving truck parked in about 5 of the 10 spaces that we have for our whole building. And her entire redneck family helping her (think shirtless, beer guzzling, cussing men). It has been a nightmare, but I am hoping they are out soon!


Tonight again, Abby was holding on to that paci. She wanted her milk so I offered to hold her paci. She sat down, put it between her legs, pointed at me and said "No!". Then drank her milk with one eye on me and one eye on the paci.

So possessive!


Warf pary of 3 said...

comment from your 4th reader here: we have an issue with the paci as well. i just keep thinking it to will pass.

Caitrin said...

Her little apron is too cute!

Wiz said...

I love her new 19 month picture. She is so pretty!!

Katie said...

Now need to embrace the town that you live in and the people that come with it....remember you do live in SMYRNA!!!!! Now with that said remember I also live in i am allowed to poke fun. However I do like Smyrna living better when it comes to running errands I am not sitting in traffic like the boro!