Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caden's First Birthday

Abby and I attended Caden's First Birthday this weekend. It was so much fun, there were so many people there! They had tons of kiddy pools set out, but it was too hot for even that!

Check out this cake - Caden loves airplanes.

His "smush cake". How freaking cute is that??

He loved it! And I am pretty sure that he ate at least half of it.

Caden opening presents.
Abby missed her nap since the party was 12-2. It was not pretty - she wanted me to hold her the entire time.
Amanda, Abby and I got Caden this little riding/walking toy. We think that he really liked it.

Please look at this picture of when he was born, too cute! I love looking at past pictures - I think he still has the distinct features, but I noticed that his hair has gotten much lighter!

Amanda and a friend from high school, Melody. I haven't seen Melody since Amber's wedding and before that, years. But she is just one of those people that you can see every few years and still have a blast with. We all ended up hanging out for hours after the party, just re-living old times.

You didn't think that I would leave Abby out, did you?
This was Caden's "big" present. While he was off eating the cake and getting bathed, Abby decided that this was the best thing that she has ever seen. She got in and out of this toy about 40 times. I figured that she was OK, so I walked in the next room.
Next thing I know, I hear Abby scream "No" and another child cry. I walk back in the room and Amanda is telling her, "Abby, you need to share". Apparently some little girl, about 3, had tried to get in the car. Abby was not having it.
I had to remove Abby from the situation and attempt to put her down for a nap. It took hours. I put her in the pack and play in Amber's room. Found her peeking out the blinds at the kids playing outside. Moved the pack and play, then she played with her shoes. Removed those. FINALLY went down for an hour nap.

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Wiz said...

COlt is just now learning "no!" I thought this day would never come :)