Saturday, August 7, 2010

19 Months Old

Abby, You are Nineteen Months Old!
I really don't feel that too much has changed since her last post about her age. I am sure that a million things have changed, but you just have to read the blog to find them all!
These are Abby's new pj's that I got at Sugarbabies. We are pretty much out of the footed pj's, but I found these that had no feet. Abby seems to like them. But I did not notice until I put them on here that they are button down, not zippers. Since she has a slight obsession with buttons and snaps, I am betting that she will be naked when she wakes up!

New Artwork! I am thinking colorful fish??

I totally made Stuart hold these up in Target so that I could get a picture. How freaking adorable - pink cowboy boots! Pretty sure I have her fall shoes picked out.

We got a long awaited gift in the mail yesterday.

Look at this adorable apron that Julie made for her!! We were in a hurry to get out the door, but I did put it on her very quick. She was very intrigued with the stickers in the pocket. The other side holds individual crayons. I will get better pictures of it soon.

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gammy said...

love the fish love the pink boots love the apron idea. and 19 months no way. wow and her jammies too cute