Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running (Abby not me)

Abby has really started running around the house. is ugly. We have decided that she has no hopes of becoming a track (or graceful) runner.
But at least she does it with a smile!
After her bath, the "ritual" is pj's, brush teeth, brush hair, then a walk. For whatever reason, this is getting harder and harder. As soon as the diaper is on, she is off. Screaming through the house, refusing to brush her teeth. The pj's are a full on battle. Meanwhile, poor Ali is sitting at the front door with her legs crossed.
We are working on it!

Day care went better today - no new drama.


Wiz said...

Colt is a wild man after bath too!! So cute :) And Colt will not even go for a walk anymore. Refusing to get in the stroller because he wants to walk himself!

gammy said...

oh yes, pj time is a chore, I don't know. they think it is a game to run and hide or just keep running. exhausting. have fun. glad daycare was better