Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1: Introduce Yourself

I very often get in a blogging slump, so I thought joining Katie's Journey for a 30 Day Blog Challenge might be fun!

My name is Ann and I am married to the guy that has been putting up with me for 10 years (more on him to come).

I have a beautiful daughter Abby, who will be 3 in January and brightens every day for me.

We live in TN after traveling around a bit, but ultimately moved back close to our hometown.

Since I don't want to reveal too much (I have 30 days to do so!!), I will just say that I love blogging. I am very excited to read everyone else's posts and hopefully find a few new blogs to follow!

(And for my regular followers, I will probably post twice a day if I have something interesting to share. There are a few things a changin' in the house that I am super excited about!!)


Michal Renee' said...

I just love TN!! My hubby and I are supposed to go there for Christmas and I really hope we still do cuz it's always been my favorite family vacationing state! Looking forward to reading about you more! :)

gammy said...

I think I'll like this. to learn more about you and the exciting changes at the house. Looking forward to reading.

meghan said...

stopping by from the challenge ... looking forward to learning more as the month goes on!!