Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures From the Weekend

Stuart has been out of town since Thursday morning, so it has been a loooong weekend. But he is back tonight and Abby was so thrilled to see him!

But it was fun and busy....and ended too soon!

Thursday night we had chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. I cracked up because I am totally eating dinosaur nuggets and Pheneus and Ferb mac and cheese. We are gourmet in my house!

Friday night was watercolor night.

Such concentration!

Saturday, We got up and early to go to the Warrior Dash in Manchester. Ha - no I did not participate! But I went to support the family.

From left: Phil and Maggie, Jessica, JD, Mom, and Nathan and Justin.
Nathan is seriously the tallest person that I know. I am about the same height as my mom so I come to his shoulder.

Abby was very entertained picking up acorns (which Mommy forgot about so they made a cycle through the washing machine).

The "after" picture. After the mud pit.

*I will also note that Abby got about 2 drops of mud on her (from all the muddy people) and you would have thought her arm got cut off. She screamed, cried, and generally just threw a sh*tfit until she was clean. I am pretty sure that I used an entire pack of wet wipes on just her.*

Today, I went to a dual shower for my two besties. They are due within 3 weeks of each other and sis-in-laws!

Me and Michelle. Michelle and I have been friends since 3rd grade and she is such an amazing mommy to a beautiful 6 year old. She is expecting a little girl named Elizabeth Ann. She says that it is after her two grandmothers, but I am totally telling the baby it is me :)

Me and Amanda. Amanda is a first-time Mommy and I am so excited to meet little boy Spencer James! She is going to be such a loving, sweet Momma and I can't wait to see her in action. She is due in three weeks, but I think Spencer is ready to come out and meet his awesome parents!

**I am also going to point out why I am dressed for winter. I got FRIED at the Warrior Dash and was so embarrassed. My arms were completely farmer-tan looking, so I just pretended to be cold!**

Earlier today Abs and I decided to go outside and do some yard work. Since I managed to keep her sunburn-free yesterday, I wasn't taking any chances today. I got her to put a hat on!!

Isn't she adorable? Granted she took it off 5 minutes later, but since I wrestled with a hose and lost, we weren't outside long.

And sneak peek on the room makeover - do you see the new paint color? I promise I still have "before" pictures. Stu and I will be working on some more of it Tuesday night and I will be ready to reveal soon! I'm loving what has been done so far.

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gammydi said...

Abby is adorable in that hat. I can't wait to meet those 2 little ones. I am sure you will have pictures. I am so glad you blogged about Abby