Sunday, September 25, 2011

Staying Busy...All the Time

I honestly feel like the weeks are just a whirlwind. We get home between 5:45 and 6. With Abs heading to bed between 7:30 and 8, we are just on the go to cook dinner and get baths.

But I did manage to get a few pictures Sat night and Sunday.

Saturday night we went to a joint baby shower for our friends Brad and Amber. Their little girl Callie is 3 months younger than Abby. And baby girl Aubrie is due the end of November.

Abby, Callie and Emmi loved playing on the cornhole boards.

Emmi (who is 4, I think) explaining to Abby how to play the game.

They started on one side and then the point was to race to the other side.

Abby never really got that she needed to face the other side ;)

And she normally took off way before the other girls. But she never ran to the other board....she would just run to me.


Sunday morning, Abby came in our room at 7:15. Stu is such a deep sleeper that he didn't believe me that she just wakes up and comes in there without yelling first. He actually woke up this morning and almost screamed when our Children of the Corn baby came in the room.

Early Sunday morning is usually reserved for couponing. I cut the ones that I need and Abby cuts the rest out. She is actually really good at cutting on the lines!

She loves it!

We also did a little work on the potty. We are soo unsuccessful with this. She talks a big game and will tell anyone that listens that she uses the potty. But it is so not true.

Abby starts "school" in two weeks and I am hoping that being in a class of 18 that gives prizes for potty use along with us using the same method at home will speed up this process!


I am having such a hard time with Abby's room. Bought the wrong size curtains, returned them and now want a different color, can't find the shelves I want (Although I did find a tutorial about how to make them, so Stu will be working on that soon), and then procrastinating on the spray paint has put me behind.

But I did get motivated by the gorgeous weather today and made some progress on my first ever time to spray paint. This is the before picture.

I bought the chicken on the left at an antique store for $4. I love him. The birdcage was from Stein Mart for another $4. I will post the afters soon, I swear. And I decided that "yarning" Abby's letters just wasn't happening, so I painted those white as well.

I am secretly hoping that my super crafty sis in law (yes Jess, I'm talking to you) will come over and help me spruce them up with some leftover paint. ;)


Stu might kill me for posting this (so feel free not to tell him), but I have set a personal weight loss goal for myself before we start trying for another child. That might sound silly, but I am approx 10-12 pounds heavier than I was before I got pregnant. The crazy thing is that I lost almost all the weight after I had Abby. But I have slowly gained it all back - the stress of selling a house, living in an apartment, working while Stu went to school, moving back to the home cooked goodness of the South, etc.

I told him my goal the other night, he looked at me a little crazy and just kinda grunted. That is Stu speak for "OK".

So hopefully, if it all goes as planned (and I actually start losing the weight) I will share how I am doing. I think if I just get over the initial "bump" and lose 5 pounds, Ill be good to go for the rest.

OK, that was totally rambling.....thanks for listening!


Wiz said...

I really think the reason Colt has done well with potty training because of school and seeing all the other kids on the potty and getting excited about it!

Good luck with the weight loss! I am ready to start seeing the scale go down! It was a loooong process to lose the weight I gained with Colt (a year) so I am hoping this time doesnt take as long. Hope your weight comes off fast. I want to read about new baby Staples, ha :)

gammydi said...

wow, that was a lot but so glad for it. Abby even let you take her picture! Thanks for all the updates and good luck with the weight loss.

Mommyblogger said...

I love reading total rambling!!! It shows true personality I think.

That birdcage is adorable. Can't wait to see after pics :)

My hubby does the man grunt too. I think it's a secret language they got going on.

Good luck with the potty training & the weight loss. Both difficult tasks but well worth it in the end!