Monday, August 29, 2011


Tonight Abby and I went to watch Daddy play softball. It all started out fine.

Then Abby wanted to go to the playground, so we went. She got pushed down by some older kids running around. I told them to watch out and we left.

We watched Daddy for a bit, Abby fell down the bleachers. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then a sweet little girl tried to befriend Abby. It was awkward to watch. Abby was so nervous, but after about 10-15 minutes they were BFF.

Then they wanted to go back to the playground. I told them OK and followed from a distance.

Abby veered off one way and the other little girl (Girl #1) another way.

Meanwhile a second little girl tried to follow them (#2).

#2 asks if she can play too. Abby says "No".

#1 ran back to get Abby and tried to drag her the way she went. Kinda bear hug like.

#2 asks again if she can go play with them.

Before I can do anything, Abby pushes #1 off her. #1 starts crying.

Abby turns on #2 and says "I am not playing with you". #2 starts crying.

Both of these girls were about 3 1/2 years old and Abby has managed to make them both cry in 2 minutes.

I was m.o.r.t.i.f.i.e.d.

The only thing I can think of to do is grab my child, apologize to both little girls and take off.

The entire way to the car and on the ride home, I explain to Abby about how we always play nice and never push or yell at other children. She just sniffles and won't talk to me.

We get home and I am putting her to bed. I tell her how much I love her and no matter what she does I will always love her. She looks at me through her tears and says, "But she pushed me, Mommy."


I said, "I know, but that doesn't mean that we push back."

Parenting is just so hard!


Abby got a haircut on Friday. She was very disappointed that we didn't go to "Teesha's Mommy", but since I didn't need a hair cut (where I go), we just went to a walk-in place.

I loved that the lady said "She just needs to sit over here by herself.". Good luck with that. After 5 minutes of screaming, I sat with her in my lap. She was an angel after that.

We read Us Magazine. It is really hard to find "appropriate" things in this magazine to entertain a 2 year old with :).

But at the end of it, she was one cutie pie (the pics weren't so great as Stu took on his phone).


Sometimes I get in a blog slump. So my goal this week is to update my blog homepage and then join this challenge. Hopefully you will all get to learn new things about me and I am looking forward to finding new blogs to read!


Sue B. said...

Abby's haircut is adorable...she looks so beautiful!!

Regarding the park incident, this is just my opinion based on my experiences with my kids. The 3 1/2year old should have known better manners since she is older than Abby, and even though two wrongs don't make a right, Abby might have been defending herself if she thought the girl was acting like a bully since the girl pushed her first...and although I don't know Abby personally, she just seems too loving and considerate of others to just push someone without provocation.

Wiz said...

I need to update my blog layout pretty badly but I figured that I might as well wait for little girl to get here now!

Anonymous said...

Your right, parenting is EXTREMELY hard. You just never know if your telling them to do the right thing or not. Trust me, I have a 12 year old daughter & it sure doesn't get any easier. Abby is a doll though, her haircut is cute!!!

gammy said...

glad you went to Stuart's game. I know he loves it. I remember taking all the boys to watch Steve. It's a shame the park playing didn't go as planned.