Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking So '80's

I made a run to the Dollar Tree the other day for tweezers (I couldn't imagine who would have lost my pair....) and picked up some super cute headbands.

When Abby first put them on, it was the normal way (uh, in the hair).

Then she decided that they were really sunglasses.

So now, she only wears them over her eyes.

But doesn't she look so 1980's in this picture? The "sweatband" and the leggings.


We bought that beautiful new coffee table that has 5 drawers in it.

Here is a shot of the inside of one of them. Taken by Abby of course.


Abby is not impressed with the Minnie panties. Evident by what she did to them this weekend (I will spare you the details). I had a lot going on this past weekend (more on that to come), but this weekend, I will def. be putting more effort into it. Wish me luck!!!

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