Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some Upgrades!

Our house was looking a little bare, so we ordered a few pieces of furniture last weekend.

They delivered it today!

Here are before and after pictures:


Bonus Room Before:

Don't you just love the old coffee table with all the systems on top of it?

And the plastic table.

After: A gorgeous entertainment center with sliding doors. I am still working on a piece of fabric to hide the cords.


Bonus Room Before:

Not much to see. Lots of toys, a lazy boy and yet another plastic table.

After: Great new sectional couch. We used an end table for the coffee table in here. And Abby's toys are still in there, but that is not the first thing that you see.

(Note her lawn chair. Love it)


Living Room Before:

No coffee table (being used upstairs).

After: New coffee table. I love that it has drawers in it. Pretty sure one is full of beads now. And new end tables that are higher and loving the drawers there as well.

(I did tell Stu that we needed a new couch, ha!)

Bonus Shot: My new artwork over the mantel. We are a very dark furniture kind of family so I have to add pops of color occasionally!


Hopefully more to come!


Wiz said...

Love the new furniture! Its always amazing how much new furniture you have to buy with a new house. Its a cost I always seem to forget about!

gammy said...

looks great. I love it. nice and new and fresh. great job