Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God, Give Me More Patience!

Yea, so Abby is not potty trained. I truly feel that I might be the only parent dropping off a diaper bag at kindergarten.

If you know or have ever met Abby, you KNOW that she is headstrong and will tell you exactly what she will and will not do.

(No idea where she gets that from ;) )

We talk about it all the time. I ask her if she wants to use the potty like a big girl. She replies, "Yes, like Mommy, Daddy and Kiss-tofer".

But she just won't physically do it.


So tonight, when she was in the bathtub, she got a funny look on her face. She said, "I need to get out now. I need to poop".

Ok, here's my shot. I got her out and told her that I was not putting a diaper on her, she needed to use the potty. I put her little Princess seat on it. Sat her on it, even got a little step stool for her.

I may or may not have promised her a piece of candy.

After about 10 minutes, nothing.

Oh, there was a lot of "I already did it, Mommy" and "I can't do it".

Side note: Do not ever tell me "Can't". That is not a word. You can do anything.

Finally that little spit-fire jumped off the toilet (nekkid as all get out), threw one hand on her hip and a finger right in my face (I was sitting on the floor), and said....


God, Just Give me MORE Patience!


In case you wonder, she got NO candy.

And I can't stay mad at a voice that asks me every night to sing her a song.

And then sings one to me!


Sue B. said...

Ann, believe me...I have been there and done that with both of my girls, especially my younger daughter. I used to feel so embarrassed that I was the only mom with a child who was close to three years old who wore a diaper. I got myself so stressed out about it...until finally her wonderful and compassionate pediatrician assured me that she would not be going into kindergarten with a diaper on. He made me laugh and from then on, my husband and I didn't beat ourselves up over it...and guess what? She finally went on that potty when SHE was ready to do so...she was 3 years old (and very head strong also). This topic is not something I like to share with most moms, but I feel you would understand...and know you're not alone! It WILL happen soon enough...hang in there!! :)

Katie said...

Ann is she in pull ups at night or stilkl a diaper? Well every child is different and will do it on their own time...be patient....I know easier said than done! For what it is worth with Mad when we were home she was in "big girl panties" if she wet the bed at night and it woke her up she was NOT a happy camper...she didn't like mommy having to get up and change her bed in the middle of the night.....that method only took a few nights before she was fed up and that was the end of diapers for me.

gammy said...

Its hard. try just putting panties on her and see what she does. No more diapers, Daddy forgot to buy them, you have to wear panties, good luck.

Wiz said...

Ahhhh potty training, and poop is the worst! We are pretty much good in the pee department but hardly any potty poops. We did get a squat on the carpet in which Colt took a dump right there!

That was fun :) At least we find poop funny in our house, ha.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! My mom had a time potty training me and she said that the only way it worked was to give me presents. She would buy things from the dollar tree and wrap them in gift wrap. Then she would put a number on them. When I would use the potty she would let me draw a number out of a bowl she had and whatever number I got is the present I got. You may want to try it, couldn't hurt!