Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And Then the Next Night *Warning Poop Talk*

****Thanks for all the comments, I know potty training sucks. We will get through it! Glad to hear that I am not the only one struggling with this!!****

We get home tonight and I ask to Abby to use the potty. After a few minutes, she screams, "I got poop!"

I went to check on her and she is holding her diaper with poop in it. Lovely.

I grab the diaper, wipe her off and ask her to sit on the potty again.

A few seconds later....she pooped!!! In the Potty!!


She never did it again, but it is a start!

I just have to let her do it on her own time.


Promise to have pics soon, enough with the wordy posts!


Anonymous said...

C'mon. Diane and I have the same idea. No more diapers, put a pair of panties on her. Abby will be grossed out and it will more laundry for a while for you, but she will get the message. You will learn where the bathrooms are at Kroger, Target, restaurants, etc. and move fast to avoid accidents.

Cheer up, this will be your last hurdle for a while.


Katie said...

I am hoping the pics wont be of "poop" hehe!

Sue B. said... is a great start!!
Way to go Abby!!