Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Water Table Fun!

What a great weekend!

Julie and Audrey are here to visit and it has been non-stop fun.

We brought out the water table tonight, threw the girls in swim suits, and just let them go.

There have been some "moments" between them, but they are doing great with sharing.

Abby even asked if the "baby" could sleep in her bed tonight.

Ali is loving new people to sniff.....

Can't wait to see what fun we will get into tomorrow.

And how cute is this little girl?


Sue B. said...

Abby and Audrey are so adorable their swimsuits too! That water table looks like alot of fun...wish it was around when my daughter was a toddler.

It is so nice that the girls will be close, as you are with Julie. Enjoy your visit with them. God Bless!

gammy said...

so glad Julie and Audrey were able to visit. looks like a great time. love the bathing suit