Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sweet When She Wants to Be

Abby currently goes to a lady that watches kiddos out of her house.

Abby is one of the younger ones, but the lady does "school" for the older ones and a version for Abby.

Isn't this little bookmark she made her too cute?

And what about her homework?

Her task was to follow the path from start to finish. She didn't exactly draw a line, just made random tick marks along the path. And then scribbled the whole thing. But I still think it is adorable. It's on the fridge.

Since Stu has been in night school for the past 8 months, it has definitely been an adjustment having him home. A good one, just different.

Abby refuses to let Daddy help with anything bedtime related.

"I want Mommy to do it!!!"

Tonight, I just walked in the other room after dinner.

Stu was awesome!! He gave her a bath, dressed her, brushed her teeth, and brushed her hair.

Then they got quiet. Too quiet.

This is what I found.

She was reading books to her Daddy!

Stu's response was "She is sweet when she wants to be."

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gammy said...

daddy's and their little girls. That is the sweetest picture. I love it. thanks for sharing.