Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Other Side of Abby

***Please take this post as joking and know that I love Abs with every fiber of my being.***

Abby is just as sweet as can be. She can be so loving and knows to treat Ali well. She is a talkative little gal and loves to give hugs and kisses.

But....She can also be super head-strong in her ways. And sometimes super creepy.

Here are a few examples.


She was trying to write on her paper tonight while I was cooking dinner. The overhead fan was on and kept blowing her paper off the coffee table.

This is her screaming at the paper, "Stop moving. Stay there!"

A few weeks ago, my friends came by. She was highly upset about this and stayed in her room and screamed.

We were in the kitchen and I just happened to glance towards her room. She was standing in the doorway just staring at us.

Totally Children of the Corn. You know, with the super blonde kids.


Tonight, I glanced outside and there was a sweet little rabbit in the yard. I told Abs to go look at it through the door.

She talked about what a sweet little bunny it was and how she just wanted to tickle it.

Then she started screaming at it and told it to come inside. Needless to say, this terrified bunny took off.


Girl will turn on you in a second. She loves her Uncle JD and Aunt Jessie.

A few weeks ago, we all went yard sale-ing.

Abby got bored halfway through and demanded that JD and Jessie leave the car immediately.


Remember the paper. This is what I found.

I recognize that she is doing AWESOME with her writing, but it is still super creepy to see all of this random writing. I just have to wonder what it says......


Some other random Abby thoughts:

Convo tonight in the car.

Me: We are having tacos for dinner.

Abs: I LOVE tacos. But tacos hurt Daddy.

Me: What? Tacos hurt Daddy?

Abs: Yes, Tacos hurt Daddy.



Abs: Am I going to Ms. Deborah's house today?

Me: Yes, Mommy has to go to work.

Abby: Ok, I go to Ms Deborah's house, eat tomatoes (Deborah grows them), Mommy goes to work, then she comes back to get me?

Me: Yes, Mommy will come back to get you every day.

Abs: Do I get to see Casey, Reiko and Kensie?

Me: Yep, you will see them all.

Abs: But you will come back?

Me: I will always come back.


Wiz said...

SO funny. I have had to explain to Colt several times that something, we just can't make happen, even if we want to!

gammy said...

that is funny. she is one smart cookie