Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Water Table Fun!

I have been really wanting to get Abby a water table. IMO, I should have gotten her one sooner, but since we didn't have a house, it wasn't happening.

So for the past few weeks, I have been scoping them out online, reading reviews, comparing prices, etc. The basic summary I got was that they weren't reliable and didn't last long. Granted, I'm sure only the upset people left comments, but still.

I still wanted one, but decided that cheap was the way to go. And no sand.

Target (my go to place for EVERYTHING) didn't stock them. I checked Walmart and they did have a few in stock. After consulting MapQuest (yea, I had no idea where Walmart was), we made the drive tonight.

I found a basic one on clearance for $21!!!

Abby thinks it is the most awesome thing ever. It was late and the sky was looking awfully scary so we only played for about 20 minutes.

I did get her to pose and smile for just a second.

Notice the garden hose snaking in the background? Stu has constructed an elaborate "irrigation" system to water our backyard. It took me 10 minutes and a near death experience with a wasp to get the hose unconnected and able to fill the table.

Also notice the wooden swing? We love it. It came with the house. It is basically as far back as our backyard goes, but we do have a pretty wide lot and hope to expand out and eventually build a larger fence.


Anonymous said...

You have a perfect backyard. Abby and I discoverd the "secret garden" and sat on the rock and talked. Get a bird feeder so she can watch the birds and also feed the squirrels. You are an awesome mother!


Anonymous said...

I've never saw a water table. What exactly is it? I have a 1 year old who loves to have his hands in water, this sounds perfect for him!

Wiz said...

Love your yard! We have a cheap water table too. We got it last season and it still does the job! Abby's looks great!

gammy said...

she looks so happy. she loves water so this will be fun