Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gas Station Fun

We went to the gas station tonight and I just wanted to share my story.

First, it was packed (Kroger after work always is). We were three cars deep waiting in line. The lady in front of me (two cars up) gets out of her car, walks around to the back seat and gets her baby out. This little girl was maybe 10 months old. Then she proceeds to run her card and pump gas. After she is done, she puts the pump up and then straps the little girl in the back seat.

Please explain this to me. You are going to be away from your kid for 5 minutes. So not only are you backing up traffic, but you just exposed your kid to gas fumes. I was furious.

(and if for some reason they were traveling and she just wanted to stretch her legs, do that on your own time - not when there are people waiting on you)


So I finally get up to pump gas. All this time, I was gathering trash in my car to throw out.

I run my card and start the pump. Then I throw the trash out (anybody see where this is going??).

As I am pulling out, I realize I can't find my card. So I pull forward so the next person can pump (how considerate of me).

I walk back to the pump and ask the girl pumping gas if my card is sitting on top of the pump.

Well of course not.

I have no shame - I totally went through the gas station trash can.

But.......I got my card.

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