Thursday, October 6, 2011

She is a Beauty

Can you see the beauty in this picture?

Besides that adorable blonde of course!!

Yep, we are proud owners of a new fridge. After a week of lukewarm food or using a fridge the size of a gallon of milk, our new fridge arrived today!!

I am loving it!

Abby was so excited that she took her pants off and put my shoes on!

I did have a slight moment of freaking out. I had about 2 inches between the cabinet and the last fridge so I just guessed on the size of this one.

Man.....was I close. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

Yay- We need a new fridge. They are just so darn expensive LOL!!!

Sue B. said...

Love the fridge...looks EXACTLY like the one we bought last year. LOL. Is it a Frigidaire? I love the automatic ice maker cause I never had one before! Enjoy yours!