Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Weather = Fun Times

I love Fall Weather!

I love pumpkins, wearing jackets, and just getting to spend time outside with out burning up!

We started our day off Saturday with a baby shower. I have to laugh at the number of baby showers that I have been to lately. This was the 6th one!

Autumn made the cutest baby pumpkins as decorations.

I really didn't take many pictures since the sweet baby below came with me.

She was just so good! We went to Michael's before and got tons of crafts and she made pictures the whole time.

Of course, we took a cake break!

I found it hilarious that my friends kept saying "She looks so different with her hair up!" as it so rare that she lets me fix her hair.

After the baby shower, I took her to a local school that was having a fall festival. Unfortunately, we arrived too late and they were closing down. But Abby did still get to see some animals.

In this picture, she is pointing at a camel saying "Too Big".

She really thought that little pony was so cute.

Petting a little pony.

I love that she didn't have any fear when petting the animals.

****There were a few sheep that weren't in pins. One of them "charged" her (he was tied up, just not pinned) and she screamed so loud the entire place looked at her. ****

Exploring a see-saw.

She loved having me and Nana push her up and down on that.

Seriously, does she not look just so grown up?


Today, we went to church and then Walden Farms.

I was a little nervous, but Abby really wanted a pumpkin on her cheek. So we did our first face-painting!

She was so good!!!

**And yes, she has on a police dept sticker. It is from day care last week.**

She was so proud of that pumpkin! We were meeting friends there and she couldn't wait to show it off.

Next, we did sand art. We bought a duck and Abby had so much fun filling it up. This is her showing it off!

Feeding the goats.

Our friend Casey met us there and Casey's dad Dustin was nice enough to take the kids on the hay bales. Abby loved it!

After a hay ride (no pics), we ended the visit with a hay maze. We told Casey to keep up with Abby, but he totally smoked her and she was on her own. Luckily, she made it out on her own!

To end the day, we painted.

I know I posted weeks ago about re-doing her letters for her room.

My first idea was to yarn them, that didn't work. So I spray-painted them white. Next, my plan was to paint stencils on them. Didn't happen. Finally, I decided that it was Abby's room - Abby could paint them. So tonight, we did some sponge painting and the plan tomorrow we will use a paint brush. I am just ready to be done with this room!

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