Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just Need to Ramble

We are just so freaking busy (or so it seems) that I can't put an entire post together on just one subject. So stick with me during the ramblin' and I will promise a picture of Abby!


That kitchen that I bought Abby in the last post? Yeah, it has earned it's $10 price tag. I had to DRAG Abby to Target tonight. All she wanted to do was "play kitchen". But we had essentials for day care that I needed to get.


Speaking of day care....Abby right now is so-so on it. She hasn't told me any of her new friends or teachers names and still includes her last sitter in Baby Jesus talks every night (which tells me every person that she loves - it is a long list).

But I am impressed. They are super detail oriented and let her "try" on the toilet about every hour. But it can be alot to keep up with as days have "themes" and I have to remember to pack things for her.


If you have seen my fb, you know that I ordered a Erin Condren planner about 10 days ago. It should be here Thursday. I am itching for it. Regardless of the notoriety of it, I just really need something to get more organized.


I am currently reading this book. I read the second one months ago and it was pretty much about the preemie baby they had. This one starts at the beginning, I am only about a 1/3 of the way through. But it is super interesting. I recommend it just for the stories and tips.


As most people know, Abby has a broken front tooth. We go to the dentist every 6 months to have it looked at. Stu took her last week and apparently there was talk of "decay" and a follow up appointment was made. I called the dentist yesterday to get more info. The guy that answered the phone was Horrible. I am still mad about it. It ended with me yelling, "Just cancel the appointment".

I called Stu and I's dentist and got a recommendation for a peds dentist. We have an appointment for next week. From what I understand (from the first moron) she may have a cavity, but I am getting a second opinion. I find it hard to believe a filling on a 2 year old is my only option.

Hopefully, we get better care at the new place (the receptionist was awesome and that is always a good indication).


When Abs was just a baby, her Aunt Cari bought her a 2T Halloween costume. I completely forgot about it last year as it was in storage.

But that means costume this year, right??? Wrong. We tried to put it on her last week and had to CUT it to get her head over it. She loved it (And I will take pics of the reject soon), but it will just not work.

So I am back to square one with the Halloween costume.


Abby has been very jealous of my weeding gloves. She constantly asks for "gloves for pulling leaves". Tonight in Target, I saw gloves for $1. I snagged these, not realizing they were 4T.

She is loving them though!


I wanted to add a few more things that Abs does.

"Pick One" - when she gets crazy, I give her 2-3 options and tell her to "Pick One". She now asks me that for everything. At Target tonight, I told her she needed to get a hat for day care tomorrow. She held up the three choices and said "Pick One, Mommy".

"Ask Me" - she constantly wants me to ask her things so she can answer. She has a ton of Look and Find books. She will bring them to me and say, "Mommy, ask me to find whatever it is". Or Mommy, "Ask me what that color is".

Singing - Abby loves to sing and loves for me to sing to her (bless her heart).


At the end of the day, she is my favorite person to be around and I just laugh constantly when I am with her. The things that she picks up from Stu and I are hilarious.

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gammydi said...

thanks for the update. Its always great to hear about my little sweet grand daughter. can't wait for pictures.