Friday, October 28, 2011

School Party

Abby had her Halloween party at school today.

She went as Minnie Mouse, her favorite character.

She was so incredibly proud of her outfit.

Grinning from Minnie ear to Minnie ear.

A little bit of a fake smile.

But I think she is just too adorable.

We got that tutu made locally and I am so in love with it. The rest is just standard stuff that she can wear again.

Tonight we went to the Fall Festival at her school.

They had Truck or Treat, a train ride, and lots of fun games.

And of course face painting.

**There were 2 people doing face painting, a guy and girl. Abby refused to let the guy paint her face, she patiently waited on the girl to get done. She even let kids in front of her to avoid the guy. She is so funny.**

She got her favorite, a pumpkin!

Abby and Daddy in the train. She was so thrilled.

Daddy was less than thrilled as his head was freezing!


I was so glad that we got to go tonight. We got to talk to her teachers more and meet some of the kiddos in her class.

I had a very interesting talk with her teacher. She said that Abby is an extremely quiet child (I had to double check that she was talking about OUR Abby).

She also said that she is a very obedient child. But that when the teachers gives the class instructions, Abby waits for them to personally address her.

For example, if the teacher asks the class to sit down at the table, most of the kids will generally meander toward the tables. Abby won't follow, but if the teacher says, "Abby, will you please come sit down?", Abby will promptly stop what she is doing and sit down.

Isn't that so interesting?

I am writing this all out to remember it, but also to see how she changes the more that she is in school and comfortable working with a group.

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